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I was born January 8th 1975, in Odessa, Ukraine (previously USSR). Around 4th grade in school I tried out to be in swimming school and was accepted. Throughout the next 4 years life was hectic! I had to go to a different school where the rest of my teammates were and to make things more interesting my classes started at around 2pm to accommodate for waking up at 6am in order to go to swimming practice. By the end of 4 years I was swimming on a professional level with having meets throughout the republic. After the 4th year it was decided that I should go back to normal schooling in order to get better education. Sometime around 1988 (if not earlier) my family started a process to immigrate to USA, more primarily to Cincinnati, Ohio.

In 1989 we packed our things and with $450 for 5 people got on the plane heading to NYC. (5 people that came were my dad Andrew, my mom Natalie, my sister Irene and my grandma Elmira). In early September of 1989 we landed in Cincinnati and for the first week (maybe a bit longer) moved to my Aunt and Uncle's house. (Galina and Sergey) We had Jewish Family Service help us get our first apartment on Losantiville Ave., they also provided us with some basic necessities. (i.e. dishes, some furniture and food stamps) In a few days after we came here I went to Yavneh Day school where I was confused beyond what my mind could comprehend. The problems were, my lack of knowledge of English and the fact that I was hit in the face with something I've never experienced before... Judaism.

Throughout the next year I adjusted better than I would have though I could and began learning English and reading Hebrew (in English of course, and you thought?) Sometime in the early 1990s my family moved to Finneytown (around where our relatives lived) and I started going to Finneytown H.S.

My proudest moment was on May 19th, 1991 when I was confirmed in Isaac M. Wise Temple. (Yes, I had to look at the date in the Torah that I was given. It is lying on my desk , and it is used also.)

When I was on my last year in HS I was approached by an Army recruiter and after discussing my options with him and thinking what I wanted to do with my future off I went to Basic Training as a 13-Bravo to Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. (I will post pictures soon, just found them 15th June, 2004)

Basic Training was hard and fun at the same time. The first week was very, VERY confusing, I do not remember much as my head was spinning from all the things that we were doing. It was like in a fog, you know something is going on, but you can't see it.

(In the next few years they changed the whole course which I disagree with, now if you're stressing out you have a card that you can pull out and show your Drill Sergeant and he cannot do anything to you. People that stress out that easy shouldn't be in combat! (desk job please) Showing the card to Iraqi that is shooting at you is not going to have the same effect.)

3rd IDAfter graduating from Basic I was assigned to 3rd Infantry Division in Ft. Stewart, GA. (Originally I was supposed to go to 25th Light Mechanized Div. In Hawaii, but that was cancelled.) En route to FT. Stewart I had to go for a month long special assignment in Albuquerque AFB in New Mexico. (Talk about a town with nothing to do.)

The next 3 years I spent with 1/9 FA at Ft. Stewart where we specialized in desert warfare. Unfortunately I am unable to comment any further, but you can use your imagination, Internet and some pictures that I do have posted. (Sorry, no direct link)

In 1997 I got out to pursue college education (Computer Science) using my government issued GI Bill. University of Cincinnati’s main campus didn’t interest me since I wanted to have smaller classes so that I can receive better student-teacher interaction. I made my desigion to go to Raymon Walters college which is part of UC, but is located in Blue Ash. After about 2 years (with summer classes) I took about every Computer related class that I could but I was not satisfied with what I was learning. The biggest problem was that I was working in the CS field already and some of the teachers were asking me questions about what they were teaching! Go figure. At that point I had about a 3.5 average and still needed to take what I consider “waste of time” classes like Biology, Chemistry, etc. My decision to bail out came soon after that and I went working full time for RINA Systems, Inc. Job there involved management of all the PCs (i.e. Network Administrator) in addition I was outsourced to work for General Electric managing their data. Well, enough of that, this is not my resume.

On September 11th 2001 I was at work when you “should” already know what happened. At the time I really wanted to reenlist in the Army, but I’ve just gotten married to my girlfriend that I met at college not even 5 month ago. The fact that I had more responsibility on my hands than before really set in and I decided not to do it.

Within taking a break for a few months I found a technical school that was going to take my UC credits and apply it all for my Bachelors degree in Management of Information Systems. 12 classes later I almost arrived at the end of the path of finally getting my MIS, but I have 1 last thing to do, write a 75 page paper which I am doing now.

In March of 2004 my wife Angela and I moved into a new custom Drees house that we designed and we lived there with our 2 cats.

Ok, not everything ends as you always want it to but in July of 2005 I becase single again and had to sell the house. (figures) At some point I was introduced to Inesa from Mozyr, Belarus and after writing to her for a few month I decided to go to Belarus for a visit.
(pictures available)
In the same timeframe while I was staying at my parents desiding my next move I've signed a contract on the construction of my new house in Maineville, OH.
(pictures available)
Before it was finished I filed a K-1 Fieancee Visa for Inesa. On 10th May of 2006 Inesa flew in to Chicago O'Hare airport and the culture shock began. :) Hi Nesik. :)
We got married on 30th of June in the Village of Maineville and are living happily ever after. TBC...


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